Blog | 16.1.2017

About workplace communication

Journalist Tero Lehto ironized the spectrum of technology in his column (T&T 13.1.2017). Lehto put together a list of rivalling communications channels, which some people use regularly and others haven’t even heard of. A rather familiar situation for many, and not an easy one – “even Google didn’t succeed in their try to combine instant messages, social media platforms and wikis with e-mails”, Lehto stated.

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Blog | 30.12.2016

Much ado about YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), but we can’t afford to lose it

YLE, the national broadcasting company of Finland, has adapted to the changes of entertainment and communication industries better than its commercial counterparts. Some people believe it has been in some way unfair. Especially newspaper publishers have been tirelessly blabbering about it. In the meantime, the papers’ advertising incomes have slipped to Google, Facebook and other global players.

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Blog | 24.6.2016

Midsummer’s eve on Acropolis

I approach the rocky hill with slight shivers down my spine. It has been over 30 years since my last visit. Nothing has been able to shake the position of Acropolis as the symbol of European civilization. It has seen empires fall, nations migrate, recessions and epidemics come and go.

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Blog | 1.12.2015

Keeping quiet about Russia

When the Soviet Union dissolved, it was a humiliating ”geopolitical disaster” for Vladimir Putin. However, even though nearly all its neighbours are EU or even NATO members today, it still affects their daily life, including advertising and communications.

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