Consti Group

Our Challenge

By 2008, it was widely understood that Finnish properties had a substantial amount of renovation debt. The Consti Group was founded to tackle this challenge. At the start, several construction companies specializing in renovations were united in Helsinki and Tampere regions. More growth was achieved by additional acquisitions. The companies, which had been led by strong entrepreneurs, had to find a collective image and identity as the new Consti Group.

What We Did

We used varied corporate communications tools to establish the concept of renovation business within construction industry. We profiled Consti as the market leader. This has been done through customer communications, internal communication and utilizing media relations. We have also made sure that the public speaking and presentation skills of the management team are up to par. Today, Consti Group is acknowledged as Finland’s leading construction company specializing in renovations. The company is also a popular employer receiving job applications daily.

How Did We Succeed?

Our strategy for the Consti Group was to position them close to the leading traditional construction companies. Consti steers clear from the clichés of the construction industry and emphasises the importance of good service. Entrepreneurship is an important value as the company’s shareowners include has roughly a hundred employees. The members of the management team as well as the employees are regularly featured in the company’s communications.