Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Our Challenge

In 2013, Sokos Hotels, Finland’s leading hotel chain, carried out the most significant concept reform in its history. This included a brand revamp, which placed the chain’s hotels into three different categories according to their profile. The legendary Hotel Torni became Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. The Solo range consists of unique, classic hotels. Their trademark is personality and world-class service. The challenge was to continue the individual branding of the hotel through long-term communications planning.

What We Did

We used a variety of different communications tools and methods to emphasise the hotel’s unique image and strengths. We profiled Solo Sokos Hotel Torni as a truly unique hotel environment. Social media channels played an important role in the hotel’s communications. Among other things, we launched active cooperation with travel bloggers. What is more, we founded Finland’s first hotel blog. It invites the reader to catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of the famous hotel.

How Did We Succeed?

We concentrated on the hotel’s unique atmosphere and recognised its strengths. The active, cooperative attitude of the staff made our job easier. We were able to utilize the expertise of these professionals.